Bow Wow Pet Resort

Where your pet is part of our family

129 S. Main Street
Republic MO 65738
417.732.8881 (office)
417.838.4488 (cell)

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Leah and Kenny at Bow Wow Pet Resort know your dog is part of your family. So when he stays with them, he’s part of theirs, too. They didn’t want to start a traditional kenneling service to keep your dog locked up all day. They offer doggie daycare and boarding, and even have suites available for overnight stays.

They have indoor and outdoor play areas, and encourage you to bring along beds, blankets, toys, treats–anything to make your pet more comfortable during their stay. They recommend (but do not require) that you bring your dogs’ normal food, so their stomachs do not become upset.¬†Your dogs can even share a space and stay together, if you want that.