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A big thanks to Matt Soutee of USA Mortgage for sponsoring this master schedule page for Republic Tiger Sports! You can access the schedule on your desktop browser or in the Republic Tiger Sports mobile app, available for download for iPhone or Android.

soutee-schedule page

Fall 2017 Master Schedule

SportDate (Start Date)Opponent/Event NameLevelLocationTime(s)
VolleyballThu, Sep 7, 2017Marshfield High School9th/J.V./Var.Republic5:00PM
TennisThu, Sep 7, 2017JoplinVarsity/JVRepublic4:00 PM
SoccerThu, Sep 7, 2017ParkviewVaristy/JVParkview4:30 PM
Volleyball (MS)Thu, Sep 7, 2017Carl Junction7th/8thRepublic5:30 PM
GolfThu, Sep 7, 2017Ozark TournamentVarsity/JVFremont Hills9:00 AM
Football (MS)Thu, Sep 7, 2017Lebanon8th Grade A & BLebanon5:30 PM
Football (MS)Thu, Sep 7, 2017Lebanon7th Grade A & BRepublic5:30 PM
SoftballThu, Sep 7, 2017NixaVaristy/JVNixa5:00 PM
FootballFri, Sep 8, 2017NixaVarsityNixa7:00 PM
TennisFri, Sep 8, 2017Republic Varsity TournamentVarsityRepublicTBA
SoccerFri, Sep 8, 2017Parkview TournamentVarsityParkviewTBA
SoftballFri, Sep 8, 2017Ozark Fall Festival TournamentVarsityOzarkTBA
VolleyballSat, Sep 9, 2017Joplin Freshman Tournament9thJoplin8:00 AM
Cross CountrySat, Sep 9, 2017Ray-Pec InvitationalVarsity/JVRaymore Pecuiliar9:00 AM
FootballMon, Sep 11, 2017Nixa9thRepublic5:30 PM
FootballMon, Sep 11, 2017NixaJunior VarsityRepublic7:00 PM
GolfMon, Sep 11, 2017Pearson TournamentVarsityHorton Smith9:00 AM
VolleyballTue, Sep 12, 2017Parkview High School9th/J.V./Var.Parkview5:00PM
TennisTue, Sep 12, 2017GlendaleVarsity/JVCooper Tennis Complex4:00 PM
SoccerTue, Sep 12, 2017WillardVarsity/JVWillard4:30 PM
Cross CountryTue, Sep 12, 2017Bolivar InvitationalVarsity/JVSBU- Bolivar4:00 PM
Cross Country (MS)Tue, Sep 12, 2017Bolivar Invitational7th/8thBolivar4:00 PM
SoftballTue, Sep 12, 2017OzarkVaristy/JVOzark5:00 PM
VolleyballThu, Sep 14, 2017Carl Junction High School9th/J.V./Var.Republic5:00PM
SoccerThu, Sep 14, 2017NeoshoVarsity/JVRepublic4:30 PM
Cross CountryThu, Sep 14, 2017Willard InvitationalVarsity/JVWillardTBA
GolfThu, Sep 14, 2017MSU RelaysVarsityPayne Stewart8:30 AM
Volleyball (MS)Thu, Sep 14, 2017Webb City7th/8thWebb City5:30 PM
Cross Country (MS)Thu, Sep 14, 2017Willard Invitational7th/8thWillard4:00 PM
Football (MS)Thu, Sep 14, 2017Willard8th Grade A & BRepublic5:30 PM
Football (MS)Thu, Sep 14, 2017Willard7th Grade A & BWillard5:30 PM
SoftballThu, Sep 14, 2017NeoshoVaristy/JVRepublic5:00 PM
FootballFri, Sep 15, 2017OzarkVarsityOzark7:00 PM
TennisFri, Sep 15, 2017Nixa Varsity TournamentVarsityNixa8:00 AM
SoftballFri, Sep 15, 2017KickapooVaristy/JVRepublic4:00 PM
VolleyballSat, Sep 16, 2017Republic Jr. Varsity TournamentJVRepublic8:00 AM
Cross CountrySat, Sep 16, 2017MSSU StampedeVarsity/JVJoplin9:00 AM
TennisMon, Sep 18, 2017CatholicVarsity/JVRepbulic4:00 PM
FootballMon, Sep 18, 2017Ozark9thRepublic5:30 PM
FootballMon, Sep 18, 2017OzarkJunior VarsityRepublic7:00 PM
SoftballMon, Sep 18, 2017Jefferson CityVaristy/JVJefferson City5:00 PM
VolleyballTue, Sep 19, 2017Webb City9th/J.V./Var.Republic5:00PM
TennisTue, Sep 19, 2017BransonVarsity/JVBranson4:00 PM
SoccerTue, Sep 19, 2017CentralVarsity/JVRepublic4:30 PM
Cross CountryTue, Sep 19, 2017Nixa InvitationalVarsity/JVNixa4:00 PM
Volleyball (MS)Tue, Sep 19, 2017Branson7th/8thBranson5:30 PM
SoftballTue, Sep 19, 2017BransonVaristy/JVBranson5:00 PM
VolleyballThu, Sep 21, 2017Nixa9th/J.V./Var.Nixa5:00PM
GolfThu, Sep 21, 2017COC TournamentVarsityGreene Hills8:30 AM
TennisThu, Sep 21, 2017C.O.C. TournamentVarsityJoplinTBA
SoccerThu, Sep 21, 2017Kickapoo TournamentVarsityKickapooTBA
Volleyball (MS)Thu, Sep 21, 2017Logan-Rogersville7th/8thLogan-Rogersville5:30 PM
Cross Country (MS)Thu, Sep 21, 2017Nixa Invitational7th/8thNixa4:00 PM
Football (MS)Thu, Sep 21, 2017Branson8th Grade A & BBranson5:30 PM
Football (MS)Thu, Sep 21, 2017Branson7th Grade A & BRepublic5:30 PM
SoftballThu, Sep 21, 2017CarthageVaristy/JVCarthage5:00 PM
FootballFri, Sep 22, 2017NeoshoVarsityRepublic7:00 PM
SoftballFri, Sep 22, 2017Springfield InvitationalVarsitySpringfieldTBA
VolleyballSat, Sep 23, 2017Carl Junction Varsity TournamentVaristyCarl Junction8:00 AM
Cross CountrySat, Sep 23, 2017East NewtonVarsity/JVEast Newton9:00 AM
Volleyball (MS)Sat, Sep 23, 2017Nixa 7th Grade Tournament7thNixaTBA
TennisMon, Sep 25, 2017Team District TournamentVarsityTBATBA
FootballMon, Sep 25, 2017Neosho9thRepublic6:00 PM
FootballMon, Sep 25, 2017NeoshoJunior VarsityNeosho6:00 PM
VolleyballTue, Sep 26, 2017Ozark9th/J.V./Var.Ozark5:00PM
SoccerTue, Sep 26, 2017Carl JunctionVarsity/JVRepublic4:30 PM
Cross CountryTue, Sep 26, 2017Republic InvitationalVarsity/JVRepublic4:00 PM
Volleyball (MS)Tue, Sep 26, 2017Ozark7th/8thRepublic5:30 PM
Cross Country (MS)Tue, Sep 26, 2017Republic Invitational7th/8thRepublic4:00 PM
SoftballTue, Sep 26, 2017WillardVaristy/JVRepublic5:00 PM
VolleyballThu, Sep 28, 2017NeoshoVaristy/JVRepublic6:00 PM
Volleyball (MS)Thu, Sep 28, 2017Lebanon7th/8thRepublic5:30 PM
Football (MS)Thu, Sep 28, 2017Ozark8th Grade A & BRepublic5:30 PM
Football (MS)Thu, Sep 28, 2017Ozark7th Grade A & BOzark5:30 PM
SoftballThu, Sep 28, 2017McDonald CountyVaristy/JVRepublic5:00 PM
FootballFri, Sep 29, 2017BransonVarsityBranson7:00 PM
SoftballFri, Sep 29, 2017Republic JV TournamentJunior VarsityRepublicTBA
VolleyballSat, Sep 30, 2017Volleyfest JV TournamentJVSpringfield8:00 AM
VolleyballSat, Sep 30, 2017Nixa Freshman Tournament9thNixa8:30 AM
TennisSat, Sep 30, 2017Individual District TournamentVarsityRepublicTBA
Cross CountrySat, Sep 30, 2017CamdentonVarsity/JVHaHa Tonka Park10:00 AM
Volleyball (MS)Sat, Sep 30, 2017Ozark 8th Grade Tournament8thOzarkTBA
VolleyballMon, Oct 2, 2017Central9th/J.V./Var.Republic5:00PM
FootballMon, Oct 2, 2017Branson9thBranson6:00 PM
FootballMon, Oct 2, 2017BransonJunior VarsityRepublic6:00 PM
SoftballMon, Oct 2, 2017Logan-RogersvilleVaristy/JVLogan-Rogersville5:00 PM
VolleyballTue, Oct 3, 2017Branson9th/J.V./Var.Branson5:00PM
SoccerTue, Oct 3, 2017CarthageVarsity/JVCarthage4:30 PM
Cross CountryTue, Oct 3, 2017Irish InvitationalVarsity/JVSpringfield3:00 PM
Volleyball (MS)Tue, Oct 3, 2017Carthage7th/8thRepublic5:30 PM
Cross Country (MS)Tue, Oct 3, 2017Irish Invitational7th/8thSpringfield3:00 PM
SoftballWed, Oct 4, 2017District TournamentVarsityTBATBA
VolleyballThu, Oct 5, 2017Carthage9th/J.V./Var.Carthage5:00PM
SoccerThu, Oct 5, 2017MarshfieldVarsity/JVRepublic4:30 PM
Volleyball (MS)Thu, Oct 5, 2017Nixa7th/8thNixa5:30 PM
Football (MS)Thu, Oct 5, 2017Camdenton8th Grade A & BCamdenton5:30 PM
Football (MS)Thu, Oct 5, 2017Camdenton7th Grade A & BRepublic5:30 PM
FootballFri, Oct 6, 2017CarthageVarsityCarthage7:00 PM
VolleyballSat, Oct 7, 2017Ozark Grand Slam TournamentVarsityOzark8:00 AM
FootballMon, Oct 9, 2017Carthage9thCarthage6:00 PM
FootballMon, Oct 9, 2017CarthageJunior VarsityRepublic6:00 PM
VolleyballTue, Oct 10, 2017Willard9th/J.V./Var.Republic5:00PM
SoccerTue, Oct 10, 2017OzarkVarsity/JVRepublic4:30 PM
Cross CountryTue, Oct 10, 2017COCVarsity/JVNixa4:00 PM
SoftballWed, Oct 11, 2017SectionalsVarsityTBATBA
SoccerThu, Oct 12, 2017BolivarVarsity/JVRepublic4:30 PM
Volleyball (MS)Thu, Oct 12, 2017Willard7th/8thWillard5:30 PM
Cross Country (MS)Thu, Oct 12, 2017COC7th/8thNixa4:00 PM
Football (MS)Thu, Oct 12, 2017Nixa8th Grade A & BRepublic5:30 PM
Football (MS)Thu, Oct 12, 2017Nixa7th Grade A & BNixa5:30 PM
FootballFri, Oct 13, 2017WillardVarsityRepublic7:00 PM
SoccerFri, Oct 13, 2017Kickapoo JV TournamentJunior VarsityKickapooTBA
Volleyball (MS)Sat, Oct 14, 2017C.O.C. 8th Grade Tournament8thCarl JunctionTBA
Volleyball (MS)Sat, Oct 14, 2017C.O.C. 7th Grade Tournament7thTBATBA
SoftballSun, Oct 15, 2017QuarterfinalsVarsityTBATBA
SoccerMon, Oct 16, 2017KickapooVaristy/JVKickapoo5:00 PM
FootballMon, Oct 16, 2017Willard9thWillard5:30 PM
FootballMon, Oct 16, 2017WillardJunior VarsityWillard7:00 PM
SoccerTue, Oct 17, 2017Webb CityVarsity/JVWebb City5:00 PM
FootballFri, Oct 20, 2017Districts (Opponent TBA)VarsityTBA7:00 PM
SoftballFri, Oct 20, 2017State Final FourVarsityTBATBA
SoccerSat, Oct 21, 2017District TournamentVarsityCarthageTBA
Cross CountrySat, Oct 21, 2017DistrictsVarsityAwayTBA
Cross CountrySat, Oct 28, 2017SectionalsVarsityAwayTBA
Cross CountrySat, Nov 4, 2017State MeetVarsityJefferson CityTBA
GolfMon, Sep 25District TournamentVarsityTBATBA
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