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IMG_5872Republic dominated its tri-meet with Marshfield and Springfield Glendale Tuesday. The Tigers beat Marshfield 72-12, and handled Glendale 53-15. Here are the individual results:

Republic vs. Marshfield
103=Sean McCorkle, Mar Pin 5:09 over Tanner Willis, Rep
112=Travis Thomas, Rep Pin 1:19 over Jacob Milligan, Mar
119=Kyle Campbell, Rep Pin 5:02 over James McCullough, Mar
125=Dillion McClarnon, Rep Pin 1:17 over Josh Cardova, Mar
130=Alex Shelton, Rep Pin 1:42 over Elliot Cardova, Mar
135=Jordan Grim, Mar Pin 1:53 overJeff Maez, Rep
140=Chance Morlan, Rep Pin 1:11 over Brady Kennermer, Mar
145=Jeff Owens, Rep Pin :24 over Shea Junte, Mar
152=Kerik Crouse, Rep Pin 1:50 over Cole Tucker, Mar
160=Jake Laswell, Rep Pin 3:00 over Danny Poe, Mar
171=Joby Jordan, Rep pin :52 over Josiah Reese, Mar
189=Hayden Puckett, Rep Pin 2:52 over Brandon Muller, Mar
215=Tyler King, Rep Pin 1:21 over Kaleb Goodpaster, Mar
285=Lance Gregory, Rep Won by Forfeit

Republic vs. Glendale
103=Tanner Willis, Rep Pin 1:05 over Weston Rist, Glen
112=Travis Thomas, Rep 9-4 over Josh Marshall, Glen
119=Kyle Campbell, Rep 16-4 Major Decision over Roman Vasilyer, Glen
125=Dillion McClarnon, Rep Pin 4:40 over Jason Lamore, Glen
130=Alex Shelton, Rep Pin :52 over Jeremy Payne, Glen
135=Jeff Maez, Rep Won by Forfeit
140=Chance Morlan, Rep 7-5 over Demarcus Patterson
145=Nate Tasker, Glen 10-9 over Jeff Owens, Rep
152=Kerik Crouse, Rep 11-0 Major Decision over Marshall Green
160=Jake Laswell, Rep 20-11 Major Decision over Alex DeGood, Glen
171=Scott Derr, Glen Pin 1:49 over Joby Jordan, Rep
189=Ian Meyers, Glen Pin 3:53 over Hayden Puckett, Rep
215=Tyler King, Rep Won by Forfeit
285=Lance Gregory, Rep Pin 1:41 over Logan Bauer, Glen

JV Results: Republic Winners=Austin Gardner, Conner Spuhl, Trevor Smith, Michael Schafer, Caleb Roussel (x2).

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