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Story #9: Howard Quigley Retires
(File Photo) Coach Howard Quigley picked up win #450 in his high school coaching career Thursday night at Webb City.

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2017 was the final season for Republic baseball coach Howard Quigley, after a 30-year coaching career that included 458 career victories and a spot in the Missouri Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame. Last spring, we talked to some of the people he influenced over his long career at Republic. Here’s what they had to say:

“Coach Quigley … demanded our best but never condemned us for failures. One thing I learned from him that I valued, not only baseball, but also in other areas of my life, was the ability to have a short mem- ory. He encouraged us to use mistakes as an opportunity for growth and … move on to the next game. at ability to grow, but not dwell on the past, has been very valuable to me.”

– Corey Peterson

“Coach Quigley … was more passionate about the game than anyone I’d ever met. He taught me to always take the game seriously the second I stepped onto the eld. And that, no matter the size of the crowd, someone important is always watching. He taught me how to be a leader and the importance of teamwork.”

– Harrison Waters

“My parents gave me my moral compass, but when I was a teenager, I was looking for outside role models to reaffirm my parents. Howard was that and more. Howard taught me teamwork, work ethic, to respect the game, and to always keep gaining knowledge. Theese are not just baseball-specific skills, but a life blueprint on how to succeed.”

– Sean McCrary

“I saw a soft side of Coach Quigley when our home burned and we lost everything. [He] was one of the first to step up and offer a team of 20 guys to help with the cleanup. He went into the community and hit up every restaurant for food vouchers and gift cards for us. I will be forever grateful for my coach who not only cares about the game, but cares for us as individuals.”

– Chandler Coates

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