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Tigers Hit The Field In Jamboree

For new Republic football coach Dustin Baldwin, the yearly jamboree is about getting his players some time on the field and about getting through the night without anyone getting hurt. The Tigers did both of those things Friday night at Parkview, where they participated in a four-team jamboree with the Vikings, Willard, and Cassville.

“We really just tried to get a lot of guys reps, run some very basic offensive stuff, and play hard,” Baldwin says. “I thought we did a lot of good things. I was pleased. I thought defensively we did just fine, outside of two big plays.”

The Tigers gave up two touchdown pass completions––one to Parkview and one to Willard––but were otherwise solid defensively. They also shows some of the versatility on offense that is a trademark of Baldwin’s teams, mixing up their running game with both short and long pass plays.

“We were just going off a script, both offensively and defensively, so it’s really hard to tell, but I was pleased. We executed some things good and some things bad, but it’s a way to work on stuff,” Baldwin says.

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